Thursday, 24 December 2009

British Winters and a Tawny Owl

As usual, the country seems to come to a grind halt at the first sign of snow, however, I work in Sheffield, the other side of the Pennines. Mondays journey in was OK on the main roads, but the country lanes (and especially Winnats Pass) were very slippery (no spiked tyres here). Nonetheless, I made the repeat journey yesterday. Absolutely beautiful crisp morning with temperature at -9C at Axe Edge.

Here is a snap of Shutlingsloe hill at dawn- the highest in 'flat' Cheshire at 506m high.

The journey home was even worse as ice had actually increased, but one bonus was I spotted a Tawny Owl hunting just on the Cheshire/Derbyshire border at Axe edge. It was following the line of the road (A54) and I drove along side it for quite a few seconds as it was hunting,. Marvellous!

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